The Portal

In the portal we can create an accurate snapshot of any part of the night sky you choose. You could decide to choose the Portal as a present for a loved one and make sure their star sign is featured. Or make it an ideal addition to a small children’s room. This is a great option if you are working on a tight budget.

The Portal
The Full Ceiling

A full ceiling creates a dazzling night sky across your whole ceiling. Imagine lying warm in bed looking up and a clear night sky. Customers have joked that the experience is like someone having removed their roof! This is our most popular mural.

The Portal
The Full Ceiling with Skyline

The impact of a full ceiling and walls with a skyline will make you feel like you are lying outdoors looking up at a clear summer night sky – without the inconvenience of lying on wet grass! The Skyline hints at mountains or hills set against the night sky.

The Portal
Whole room

By having your whole room painted, walls and ceiling, you will have more of the night sky to marvel at in all parts of your room. This creates an outer worldly experience, and truly mind blowing to you, your friends and guests. If you want to make a massive statement, this is it.

The Portal
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