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Have you ever been in the countryside away from the city lights, and seen the full glory of the night sky? Well this is what we will create in your room.

A Star Sky Ceiling is created by a paint process that recreates an astronomically accurate night sky in your room. Each star is painted by hand, one star at a time, reproducing a very realistic star sky illusion with thousands of glowing stars that turn your ceiling into a vision of the universe.

As your room goes dark and your eyes adjust, an amazing image of the star sky will begin to appear on the ceiling. When the lights are on, no one will know that the stars are even there.

Who are we?

We are a family business based in West London specialising in star sky murals and internal decoration. We have many years’ experience in painting and decorating and have many references from previous clients. Along with our partner companies we have spent many years perfecting our technique and have provided countless clients with their own unique and spectacular Star Sky Ceilings.
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